First Rockville Election Campaign Report

Campaign Fund ReportsThe first campaign contribution reports were submitted for October 1st. Looking over how much financial support candidates have managed to collect is one way to determine the strength of a campaign. In my professional career, I’ve done my time fundraising and understand that asking people for money is one of the hardest things to do. For those of you who enjoy the numbers, here are the contribution amounts raised. The figures do not include in-kind donations.

For Mayor:
$2,840 raised with $2,643 on hand – Bridget Donnell Newton
(23 donors)

$5,133 raised with $3,979 on hand – Sima Osdoby, Team Rockville
(37 donors. Being transparent: note payment to Cynthia Griffiths for website)

For Council:

$4,436 raised with $1,443 on hand –  Beryl L. Feinberg
(52 donors, she has loaned the campaign $1,000, a $50 anonymous donation in P.O. Box will be given to the City Clerk)

$1,060 raised with $880 on hand – Richard Gottfried
(15 donors, he has loaned the campaign $13,417, over $11,000 in payments to Whitestar Strategy LLC )

$1,246 raised with $1,246 on hand – David Hill
(17 donors, he has loaned the campaign $545)

$7,090 raised with $2,741 on hand  – Brigitta Mullican
(132 donors, $20 from an anonymous donor at meet & greet, $100 from a donor in Sweden)

$2,000 raised with $1,095 on hand – Virginia Onley, Team Rockville
(18 donors)

$2,865 raised with $1,023 on hand  – Julie Palakovich Carr, Team Rockville
(25 donors)

$5,385 raised with $12,668 on hand – Mark Pierzchala, Team Rockville
(35 donors, he loaned the campaign $10,000)

$1,660 raised with $973 on hand – Clark Reed, Team Rockville
(26 donors, he and his wife have loaned the campaign $1,481)

$950 with $379 on hand – Patrick Schoof
(5 donors, with $250 from himself)

Team Rockville has raised $5,000 and has $4,062 on hand. The members of Team Rockville share a common vision for the future of the city and vow to work together even if they have different views. Under the City Code, slates are permitted to spend contributions on each other’s behalf.

Anonymous Contributions

As you can see, both Beryl Feinberg and Brigitta Mullican accepted anonymous contributions which is prohibited under Rockville law (Sec. 8-76(c)). On her report, Beryl Feinberg has indicated that the contribution will be turned over to the City Clerk. Brigitta Mullican has made no indication of what she will do with her anonymous contribution in her campaign report.

Brigitta Mullican also has a $100 contribution attributed to someone with an address in Sweden, which is a violation of federal campaign-finance law unless that person in Sweden is a U.S. citizen or green-card holder.

I tried my best to get the numbers correct. As always, if you find a mistake, please email

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