Have You Seen Cicadas Emerge in Rockville?

Have you seen or heard any cicadas? While walking to you find yourself having to step between them on the pavement?

Cicadas in Hungerford today.

Granted, we’re not expecting a giant brood to surface, but during the spring of 2017, we can expect some Brood X “Stragglers”.   According to Cicada Mania, stragglers are emerging four years early in Tennessee, Virginia, D.C., Delaware, Ohio, and Maryland.

When you check the map, Magicicada Records, for today, the last 1,000 crowdsourced reports to the site have quite a few in Rockville, although still a limited number compared to the big broods.

The cicadas might begin to chorus, so we could soon hear their synchronized singing.

*Updated list of where people are finding cicadas:
Civic Center Park
East Rockville (Croydon & Grandin/Pumphouse/Maryvale Park)
Fallswood (Watts Branch Parkway)
Horizon Hill (S. Fallsmead & Royal Oak)
Hungerford (Cabin John)
Lincoln Park
Montrose area (off Rollins)
New Mark
Potomac Woods
Silver Rock (Maple & Grandin)
Twinbrook (Rockcrest/Okinawa/Parish/Ardennes & Vandegrift)
West End (on Beall between Circle and Beall ES)
Woodley Gardens (Goldsborough)

If you find cicadas in your neighborhood, let Rockville View know by emailing Editor@RockvilleView.com and we’ll update this article.

Cicadas in Woodley Gardens. Photo credit: Alison Lill
Kids take a close look at the cicadas by Twinbrook Recreation Center. Photo credit: Mercy Pinargote
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