Maccaferri moves US Headquarters to Rockville

Maccaferri, a leading provider of gabions retaining structures, soil reinforcement, and rockfall mitigation solutions to the construction industry, has moved to a new headquarters to 9210 Corporate Boulevard.

In an announcement the company stated they were moving their “technical, sales, and marketing staff to a modern office in the heart of the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.”

Headquartered in Bologna, Italy, Maccaferri began operations in the United States in the late 1950’s. In 1976, the company opened a commercial production facility in Williamsport, Maryland. The facility will remain open and continue to produce their Double Twist products, including Gabions, Reno Mattresses, and Rockfall Mitigation Solutions.

By opening the Rockville location, Maccaferri intends to provide “a quality work environment” so it can “attract and retain talented employees, allowing us to deliver support to our clients and their projects across the country.”

Maccaferri is a multinational corporation, employing nearly 3,000 people, with 30 manufacturing facilities, and operations in 100 countries. Maccaferri makes products for Erosion Control & River Training; Basal Reinforcement; Railways & Embankments; Retaining Walls & Reinforced soil slopes; Soil Stabilization & Highway Pavements; Rockfall Mitigation; Mining Solutions; Coastal Protection & Waterways Management; Landfill Reclamation & Polluted Sites.

[Image credit: Maccaferri website]
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