Rockville View Policies

Purpose: To create and share high-quality news and information about Rockville and Montgomery County, Maryland.

Integrity: The goal will always be to strive for accuracy. If corrections are necessary, the post will be clearly marked at the top indicating a change has been made to the original post. The publisher’s history is available on the publisher’s site. A person’s experiences obviously effect their world view. Providing this history allows the reader to determine where certain opinions may have been formulated.

Balanced Coverage: When issues are explained, all sides and opinions will be presented in a balanced and clear fashion. When an opinion is expressed in an Editor’s Viewpoint, the arguments will be clearly stated and labeled as the Editor’s own. All other opinions are obviously those of the person referenced and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Rockville View.

Comments: For the most part, there will be no comments on Rockville View. Managing comments is the greatest difficulty when blogging. Keeping comments civil requires an enormous commitment of time and energy so that managing comments actually takes up as much time as researching and writing blog posts. This effort should be compensated by those making the comments so charging for the ability to post comments may be initiated in the future.

Terms of Service

Rockville View will:

  • clearly cite each individual link made to outside sources to distinguish the content of others.
  • credit authors/owners of content featured or utilized within Rockville View.
  • ensure that no copyrighted content will be posted without express permission.
  • cite sources for all content provided by third parties by linking to the original.
  • ensure that readers are able to distinguish between sponsored posts and editorial content.
  • disclose when compensation or other benefits are received when posts are about a product, service, or business.
  • only allow user-developed content dependent upon approval by the Editor under any future terms specified.
  • have no duty to modify or withdraw a post but will always maintain the right to do so.
  • collect basic identifying information before allowing user-developed content or comments to be posted.
  • monitor all content for offensive, harassing, infringing, or other undesirable or suspicious material or behavior with the right to “take down” or censor such behavior.