Rockville’s Big Leaf Vacuum Starts on Monday

Don't be like these people who put leaves out weeks in advance and block the sidewalk for extended periods of time.
Don’t put leaves out weeks in advance to try to stop people from parking on the street, and certainly don’t block the sidewalk for extended periods of time. Be a better neighbor than this. Take the time to look at the schedule and do the right thing.

With a cute “Leaf It at the Curb” slogan, the City of Rockville has announced the beginning of the annual fall leaf collection on Monday, October 17, 2016.

The Department of Public Works crews will vacuum leaves from neighborhood curbs in two rounds. After raking, residents can rake leaves next to the curb (or immediately adjacent to the pavement if no curb exists).

Leaves should be raked no earlier than one week prior to the collection date to avoid grass damage or fire hazards. It’s also extremely inconsiderate to block parking spots in the neighborhood for longer periods than is absolutely necessary.

Also,┬áthe City warns that vehicle exhaust can ignite dry leaves, so keep leaves out of the street as much as possible. When parking on the street, leave space near leaf piles. Don’t block the trucks from accessing leaf piles.

The City provides an interactive map with all the details on when and where the vacuum trucks will arrive.

Leaves need to be at the curb by 6 AM on the collection dates with sticks and all other objects removed from the piles.

Although yard waste is biodegradable, leaves can clog storm drains or cause blockages that contribute to localized flooding. Decomposing leaves can also release nutrients, stimulating algae blooms that kill fish. So, keep leaves, grass clippings, or other yard waste away from storm drains and certainly don’t put them along stream banks or directly into streams.

To save the city money and help the environment, consider alternatives methods for disposing of leaves such as mulching or composting.

If you live outside the Rockville city limits, Montgomery County Department of Transportation also has a leaf vacuum program but no dates have yet been announced. Here’s the link for the map and details when they are posted.

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