Second Televised Rockville Election Debate

One of the best ways to decide who gets your vote is to watch a debate. The City of Rockville is televising three and you can watch them on demand. Early Voting has actually started the weekend before the last televised debate on October 27th.

If you are still deciding about your vote for mayor, take a look at their closing statements. Many people have asked me why Team Rockville was formed and why there are concerns about the current mayor. These statements sum up the issues.

Bridget Donnell Newton

Thank you all very much for participating in this process. I think we must be respectful of our past but we must be forward thinking and as we work together on the Master Plan, the Pike Plan, and all of our neighborhood plans. You don’t build a building from the penthouse, you start with a good foundation. That’s what we must do in the City of Rockville. We need good development, not just any development and we’ve got to work with property owners to insure that what comes is an enhancement to the City of Rockville. We need to make sure that we get the community benefits that these projects can give to us and that by doing that, by being good parnters, it will enrich everyone. I’m proud of my vote to fund the purchasing study. I’m proud of all of my votes on the City Council. I think that we need to stop working against each other and start pulling together. We have a great city and I’m very, very proud of the City of Rockville. I’d like to be a part of making it even better as we go forward.

Sima Osdoby

The City that I love needs new leadership. That’s why I’m asking for your vote to be mayor for the next four years. If Bridget Newton had had her way, there would be no new police station in Rockville’s historic post office building. There would be no newly modernized and expanded Senior Center. Rockville’s water and sewer infrastructure would not be getting fixed and Rockville’s snow plows would not be properly maintained. And above all, Rockville would not have Choice Hotels headquarters nor the new hotel and apartments in Town Center. She opposed the tiny investment the City made to attract them here. The Choice Hotels headquarters alone brings in more than 400 jobs and adds roughly $180,000 a year to our property tax revenues. It’s time to stop kicking the can down the road and hiding from the truth. We must take charge of our City’s future. One that works for all of us. Rockville is at a critical point. We need to make decisions so that the changes all around us work for Rockville. We must seize opportunities that help preserve our neighborhoods and outstanding services we rely on.

Here’s the second debate, so you can hear from all of the candidates yourself:

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