Security Checkpoints Coming to County Council Office Building

Security checkpoints will be added to the entrance of the Montgomery County Council Office Building (COB) on Maryland Avenue. The purpose of the security is to secure the building for visitors attending public hearings and meetings, and also for those visiting the many organizations housed in the building or meeting with legislative and executive branch employees working in the building.

On March 28, 2017 the Montgomery County Council introduced a special appropriation to the FY17 Operating Budget for the installation and staffing of the screening stations at the COB entrances by the first floor auditorium and by the cafeteria on the 2nd floor.

This past Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the appropriation amount of $302,000 was approved. The appropriation also includes funds for the one-time cost of associated improvements, including the installation of an awning extending out from the 2nd floor cafeteria entrance, improved lighting near the first floor auditorium entrance, necessary electrical connections, installation of card readers at other entrances, signage, etc.

The annualized cost to staff the two screening stations is about $664,000.

In the packet for the appropriation, the implementation of this security plan was described as bringing the COB to roughly the same level of security routinely provided for Federal buildings, the State legislature and agencies, and many local governments, including some other County buildings.

The screening stations and staffing should be procured and in place by early May.


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