Suit Filed This Morning To Strike Term Limits Measure From Ballot

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Rockville resident and former city councilmember, Tom Moore, filed a complaint today in Montgomery County Circuit Court seeking to invalidate the term limit petition filed on August 8, 2015 to place this question on the ballot. Moore is currently serving as chair of “No On B”, the organization formed to oppose the effort to impose term limits on Montgomery County citizens.

The complaint centers on the claim that when “No On B” performed a spot check of the signatures the Montgomery County Board of Elections said were among the 12,573 valid signatures, they found that many of them were not valid. Upon examination, the organization found that some have no signatures at all, just printed names and addresses, and many have dates that were obviously not written by those who were claimed to have signed the petitions (which is required by law).

The petition calls for the Montgomery County Council and County Executive to be barred from serving more than three full or partial consectutive terms and would apply to current and future officeholders.

Robin Ficker, the sponsor of this petition, claimed to have 18,000 signatures on his term limit petitions. [Link to all petitions here.] The Board of Elections had already found more than 5,000 invalid. More than 1,200 were signatures of people who are not registered voters in our county, and more than 900 were duplicates.

Moore claims in his complaint with the Circuit Court that the term limits petition should be declared invalid for failing to have the required 10,000 legally valid signatures, and that the proposed charter amendment should not be placed on Montgomery County’s Nov. 8, 2016 General Election ballot.

“The people of Montgomery County have the right to see that the laws concerning petitions are followed,” said Moore in a press release, “just as they have the right to vote for candidates they feel are best equipped to represent them, no matter how many times those candidates have been elected before.”

Moore served two terms on the Rockville City Council from 2011 to 2015. He placed second in the 2014 Democratic primary for the Montgomery County Council’s 3rd District seat. He is the president-elect of the Common Cause Maryland board, and serves as a senior counsel for the Federal Election Commission.

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