The Only Love Money Can Buy

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Animal Exchange array
Ruth with unique fancy mice

Why are pets part of our lives? Unconditional love, learning, caring, health advantages, protection, companionship, and beauty. All these terms describe why we have pets.

It was a love of pets and a desire to provide locally-raised healthy animals with excellent supplies and advice that led Ruth Hanessian to open Animal Exchange in Rockville in 1979. Doubling in size after her first three years in business brought an expanded dog supply section and made room for marine aquatics. But with another excellent local store nearby, Congressional Aquarium, she decided to focus on birds, since Ruth majored in Ornothology at Cornell, and also specialize in small animals.

After 22 years Animal Exchange relocated to its present location in Rockville City Centre where the store showcases a unique selection of locally-raised cockatiels, conures, parrots, finches, and parakeets along with mammals, such as pet mice having the most amazing diversity of special colors and patterns you will ever find. Price-winning rabbit breeders provide Holland Lops, lionheads, and many other types of bunnies. Every possible interesting pet passes through the doors and finds a well-supported lifetime home with caring customers.

Artie a Black Palm Cockatoo needing a home and baby birds being hand-fed in a store, a regular occurrence.

Animal Exchange is truly a work of love that you can share. The website, has advice and news with links to some of the 18 YouTube videos explaining basic pet care which have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Customers can visit the store any day except Tuesday or on the three major holidays. Visits are especially encouraged on Small Business Saturday to celebrate one of Rockville’s original small businesses run by Rockville citizens and employing many dozens of the City’s young people for the last 36 years.

Store hours: Monday/Thursday 10 AM-8 PM, Wednesday/Friday/Saturday 10 AM-6 PM, Sunday 11 AM-3 PM. Closed Tuesdays. (301) 424-7387

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