Where to Eat Next: New Congressional Plaza Restaurant Looking to Change the Way People Eat

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One of Modern Market’s many pizza options. Credit: Modern Market

Have you ever notice that when you eat great food, you feel good?

Have you also noticed how hard it is to find places that serve great tasting, healthy food made from ingredients you can trust for a reasonable price?

A new restaurant opening Thursday, December 8 in Congressional Plaza wants to change all that.

In 2009, Modern Market’s founders Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan quit their jobs and opened a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado. The goal was to make a neighborhood spot where people could eat every day and doing so would make them happy and healthy. They wanted Modern Market to be the place that nestled perfectly into their busy lives and became their kitchen away
from home.

Modern Market Founders: Anthony Pigliacampo and Rob McColgan. Credit: Modern Market

Now, seven years and 22 restaurants later, Pigliacampo and McColgan are bringing their neighborhood eatery, along with its fresh ingredients and a chef driven menu, to more and more people.

From fresh salads and toasted sandwiches to brick oven pizzas and homestyle plates (think meat and potatoes, or tofu and potatoes for our vegetarian readers), the offerings are vast. And let’s not forget the most important meal of the day. Modern Market serves a mean breakfast with your classic bacon, eggs and coffee (from Colorado’s Tender Belly, Texas’ Vital Farms and D.C.’s Compass Coffee respectively) to scrambles and Belgian waffles served with pure maple syrup.

Modern Market’s breakfasts use trusted sources for the best ingredients. Credit: Modern Market

Modern Market serves artisan fare without all the pomp – simple counter service but with amazing, scratch-made food that nourishes mind and body. Priced low enough to afford it multiple times per week (around $10), but high enough that true quality sources can be used and team members are fairly compensated.

The restaurant has a broad, seasonally changing menu that keeps guests from getting bored allowing them to dine there multiple times per week. It also appeals to even the pickiest of eaters enabling friends and family with different tastes to dine together. When you feel like a salad for dinner and your child wants pizza, your steak-and- potatoes-loving dad can still come along and you all can have a great meal. (Steak plate with sweet potatoes. Try it! Amazingness.)

Modern Market Salad
Modern Market’s fresh and healthy salads change seasonally. Credit: Modern Market

Modern Market cooks all their food using simple, whole ingredients they purchase from farmers, ranchers and suppliers they know and trust, who love and respect the planet as much as they do. Every single ingredient matters to them – where it comes from, what’s in it, and what the values and practices are of the companies that sell it. (They searched for two years to find pickles that do not contain sodium benzoate and finally found them in Michigan-based McClure’s Pickles.) These little details matter to them. A lot.

The concept is farm-to- counter fare for $10 in under 10 minutes. Nice enough to dine in if you want, fast enough to take it out when you are on the run (or order online and have it waiting for you). Either way, it is cooked from scratch, in-restaurant, just for you. They really do cook too – season and grill meats, make dough, blend dressings. Go watch “Chopped” on the Food Network. That is what happens in their restaurants, every day. They teach their team members how to cook, not just scoop.

Meals are made from scratch. Credit: Modern Market

Modern Market has a very holistic view on health. They think added sugar is the devil and (good) fats are our friends. They live by the Michael Pollan philosophy, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

They try to share every bit of information they have on what they are serving. Visit their website, grab a menu or glance over their receipts and you will see the nutritional information of your meal spelled out for you.

Healthy fats are king at Modern Market, like real butter, extra virgin olive oil, whole milk cheeses and raw nuts. The food tastes good and fills you up. Many of their employees lose weight just because they eat a lot of their food (it’s free for team members!).

Pigliacampo and McColgan believe affordable, healthy food is a necessity. But to them affordable does not mean cheap. They could charge a little less for their food, but then they would have to make some shortcuts. And when it comes to good food, they do not believe in shortcuts.

Modern Market offers catering and delivery services for your next event. Credit: Modern Market

Team members also work hard making the food they serve, and the founders think they should be fairly compensated with decent wages (average is close to $11.50 per hour) and benefits (free healthy food, insurance, paid time off).

“We believe our food is as ‘cheap’ as food can get while still treating the planet, the people making it and the bodies eating it well,” explains Pigliacampo.

“Healthy, delicious food is a huge component of a happy life,” he continues. “We want our kids to grow up in a world where clean food is as ubiquitous as clean water. We bet our guests do too.”


Opening day is December 8. Find Modern Market in Congressional Plaze at 1627 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852 and check them out beforehand at modernmarket.com. They also cater (and deliver) a really fresh spread of sandwiches and salads, so consider them for your next meeting or event. And if want to scroll through their mouthwatering food photos, follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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